High quality P3-d Nozzles available. MK8 and E3d as well heavy duty for Carbon filled filament.

Now available: high quality P3-d Nozzles. Mk8 and E3d style.  Apollo and Hercules quality.

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  • Low resistance to spit out filament: a clean and fast extrusion as well better destringing, because of limited pressure changes in the nozzle.
  • Smooth surface outside: reducing picking up dry Ooze filament (Because of the Duraplat3-d coating)
  • Great heat transfer (1.5/1.6 times better than brass nozzles)
  • The Apollo series: long life because of the hard coating. 6 x the lifetime of standard brass nozzles.
  • The Hercules series: extreme long life as well able to process Carbon filament. 20 x the lifetime of standard brass nozzles.

Website of the manufacturer: see here.

In general the nozzles of P3-d are very exactly made regarding the nozzle  opening. The nozzles are coated with “duraplat3-d”. Because of this Duraplat3-d coating the filament is extruded with a minimum of resistance and -by that- it’s resulting in a very nice print. As a low resistance will result in a steady flow =  a consistent print.

Choosing the right Nozzle (more info below)

1:  Determine if you need the Mk8 or E3d nozzle

MK8   or E3d: 

2: Choose the quality:

Normal useApollo or Heavy DutyHercules

3: Choose the nozzle opening

0.2 or 0.3mm for delicate prints, for example architectural models (0.05-0.2mm layer height)

0.4mm for standard prints (0.1-0.3mm layer height)

0.5mm for filled filaments, as woodfill, carbon fill (0.2-0.35mm layer height)

0.6-1.0 mm to speed things up: increased layer height. (0.3-0.8mm layer height)

We offer the P3d Nozzles as “MK-8” (so as the original nozzle of the CraftBot,  Makerbot and many other printers), as well the”E3d” type, as used with our hotend upgrade, and many other E3D based hotends.

All the P3-d nozzles offered by us are based on 1.75mm filament.


Both nozzles (MK8 and E3d) are available in two qualities:

Apollo (made from 705 Aircraft aluminium) and suitable for the majority of filament,

As well the more expensive “Hercules” quality, that’s able to process Carbon based filament as it’s made by (hardened) A2 steel.

The Apollo series nozzles are made from the toughest alloy 7075 aircraft aluminum. A step up from the Elite series, these offer 60% more heat transfer than brass nozzles and better wear resistance.

The Hercules series nozzles are manufactured using heat treated A2 tool steel which has been hardened completely through. With 50% better heat transfer than stainless steel nozzles, these are the clear cut choice for printing the harshest and most abrasive filaments like carbon fiber and metallics.  Based on testing, wear resistance can be 25x to 100x more than a standard brass nozzle.


Duraplat3-d™ coating

  • Specially engineered for improved lubricity and low friction
  • Entirely coated inside and outside
  • Reduce extrusion stress and help prevent hang-ups
  • High hardness (68Rc) for a lifetime of printing
  • Eliminate plastic globs stuck to nozzle
  • Reduce plastic curl during extrusion
  • Wear resistant for abrasive filaments (carbon fiber, metallic, etc…)
  • Corrosion resistant
  • Used in aerospace and injection molds and dies

See here a chart regarding the nozzle type, hardness and wear life: