Bart’s Hotend Upgrade for the CraftBot (new version with silicone sleeves) : reliable printing flexible and high temperature filaments.




  • 2 /3 weeks lead time.
  • 2/3 weken levertijd.

This is a “drop in” replacement for the standard hotend. The standard hotend is fine, but isn’t capable to print reliable with more exotic filaments.

For extended instructions and more info see this post:

What’s in the box:

  • a fully assembled aluminium hotend with three silicone covers.
  • an ABS printed fanduct
  • nut and washer for assembly. A spare washer to adjust the distance to aluminium or glass bed.
  • a spare 0.4mm Nozzle with 0.4mm Drill to unclog the Nozzle if necessarily
  • spare PTFE liners to adjust to your needs.
  • a cutting mold with stanley-blade to cut the PTFE tube to your needs.
  • an “oil thingy”made by MathewL, when having troubles printing PLA. Sponge is inside, no (olive) oil yet.
  • spare Thermal Grease for reassembly or mounting the Heater
  • a metal 0.3mm Calibration card
  • hex keys.
  • the  7mm spanner on the picture isn’t included anymore

NB: the extruder motor, gear etc AKA “cold-end” is not included.

The hotend will be sent in a padded envelop, which should fit your mailbox.

Warranty / returns: if you don’t like this hotend upgrade or it’s not working as expected, you can return it withing 3 months  and get a full refund. You have to pay yourself for the return shipping costs (which should be a couple of dollars/ euro’s).

The advantages of this hotend upgrade are:

  • print reliable with flexible, wood or metal filled filaments
  • print at max 300 degrees extruder temperature (in stead of 260 grC with PEEK)
  • less clogging: print more reliable because of a more consistent filament guide and cooling performance
  • all metal hotend. (the filament lining is with PTFE though)
  • drop-in replacement. This hotend is mounted like the original PEEK hotend.

With an ABS 3D printed fan-duct the hotend is properly cooled.


Step-by-step instructions for ordering in the webshop:



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no registered post, registered post, 0.40mm Stainless steel Nozze with NO registered Post, 0.40mm Stainless steel Nozze WITH registered Post


  1. The full review with pictures can be found on the CraftUnique forum, click here.

    I ordered Bart’s custom E3D based hotend and received it two days ago.

    See below images for what’s included in the kit. In addition (not shown), Bart also threw in a calibration card (a 0.29mm rectangular aluminum sheet) as well. It’s quite handy for calibrating the bed.
    The installation is quite straight forward.
    [EDIT: Use a few drops of canola oil to season the hotend first to avoid jamming when printing PLA.]

    For quick test, the two elf huts (CraftUnique Yellow PLA & colorFabb green nGen) were printed using the same old PLA gcode I had on my USB drive.

    I can’t tell the difference in print quality between PLA & nGen. However, I noticed one corner lifted on the nGen print. That’s expected because nGen would need >80C bed temp to print but my PLA gcode bed temp was only 60C.

    The nGen is quite easy to print. You can print it using similar PLA settings except that it needs higher bed temp of >80C, reduced fan speed at around 50%. It tends to string easier than PLA, so it needs longer retraction length. I think retraction/prime length of 1.700mm would work better.

    What I like most about the nGen filament is that I didn’t smell any odor.
    Overall Bart’s hotend performed very well. Print quality is very good. I will try to print with other high temp filaments in the future.

  2. Reviews and findings of other users of this hotend can be found in this thread on the CraftUnique forum.

  3. Besteld en geïnstalleerd, mooi compleet pakket, wel wat prijzig maar je hebt het wel binnen 15 minuten operationeel.
    Een paar testprints gedaan: met PLA ging het direct goed maar de temperatuursetting van de extruder moet iets hoger worden ingesteld dan bij de originele kop.
    De PLA prints zijn net iets strakker geprint dan met de originele extruder. Nu bezig met een testprint (LEGOBLOKJE) met NINJAFLEX (Simplify3D profiel en GCODE stuur ik nog wel even per mail op, ter leering en vermaek. De 1ste 3,50 mm wat nu geprint is ziet er perfect uit, de rest zal ook wel goed komen.. Al met al een mooie verbetering van je Craftbot !!
    Nu nog een dual-extruder Bart, E3D heeft er diverse fraaie extruders: alleen je zit natuurlijk ook met de Craftbot software: geen opensource of wel ?

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