Concepts: Endless 3D printer, the Blackbelt.

Joris mailed me a new 3D printer concept: the blackbelt 3D printer:

Endless 3D printer : Blackbelt

Endless 3D printer : Blackbelt

I had some troubles to understand the concept, but it seems it’s printing layers under 45 degrees on an endless belt. By that it’s possible to make an ‘endless’ 3D print in one direction. Of course the width and height of the 3d print are still determined by the physical dimensions of the printer (belt width and Z axis height).

The developers are not explaining the concept at all. That annoys me very much, as I first want to understand the basics before getting into detail and uttering “ooooh” and “aaaah” sounds.
But that’s because I got into 3D printing the hard way probably. If they suspect their printer works out of the box like the new dishwasher I recently bought, than I don’t need to understand how it works. But than I must be able to buy it somewhere and won’t need vague show offs on twitter.
As twitter is the domain of Donald Trump and by that “alternative facts”, it’s not the place I seek for new developments or trust-wordy companies at all.

It’s unclear as well if they want to produce this printer so we can buy it. Maybe they are just showing off how cleaver they are. If so: all my respect and honors to them! Thanks for all your work and making the world a little bit better!

But when some financial aspect is appreciated by them: some more info, insight, wisdom, facts, specs. planning, pricing, support, intentions have to be be made clear. As for now only nerds like Joris and me are interested. It’s a long path before we buy this printer like a dishwasher.

Anyway; as i think to understand: the object is sliced under 45 degrees . Also the extruders are placed under 45 degrees compared to the belt. By that an endless object is possible:
(I did some drawing)

Endless 3D printer : Blackbelt

But how it’s done now (if I understand it ok) is not ideal for the support structure at all, as the support itself need support. So I suppose placing the belt vertically under 45 degrees makes sense, as than gravity isn’t pulling the support structure.

Endless 3D printer : Blackbelt

The concept is nice! But we need slicers that can slice under 45 degrees and generating support as well. I suppose they develop that too: but nothing to find about that.

Also: the weak spot is probably the first layer everyone is struggling with anyhow.
As for each “45 degrees layer” the next layer has to stick to the belt very good. And that’s not easy with a nozzle under 45 degrees to the bed I think.

And: the hotend needs such dimensions so it can print the next layer without touching the 45 degree belt. Like sequential printing needs.

Endless 3D printer : Blackbelt

No way to contact these guys when you don’t have twitter. I’m not able to use twitter as I don’t want to run into D.T. of the USA.