Slic3r Prusa 1.34.0 version

Slic3R is developed steady by Alessandro Ranellucci and available on Github, see here. Earlier versions were great and had some features other slicers hadn’t. Unfortunately it didn’t work great with my specific models as architectural models and thin walled models.

Slic3r is forked on Github to an “prusa”version.  See here for the code to compile. . That version has some unseen features, as a dynamic layer height**, but works better to generate architectural models too. In general: it’s a great flawless slicer, that addresses all known extreme to print objects, as with thin walls, thin overhangs, support detection, crowning or gap filling etcetera.

Downloads of the software for Windows, OSX and Linux are available here.

Standard profiles for the CraftBot Plus, 2 and XL can be downloaded here. Profiles for ABS, PLA, PETG, SBS etc. are included.

** regarding dynamic layer height one can adjust the layer height for specific zones of the model, to be smaller or more coarse.