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Up to date official firmware at

Early CraftTool (Unofficial Beta to update firmware. Use at your own risk). (Updated with pr3dator.11706) (this crafttool only works with older versions of firmware!)

New CraftTool with july 2018 FW to be downloaded here.

Download Zip and unpack. Ignore the safety warnings of Windows or not. Start the exe. CraftTool in the folder made. In the folder there’s a *.firmware file which is used to update the CB.  You probably have to replace that when newer versions are available. It gives the possibility to update the main board and LCD both, or the LCD separate. When failing to update:

You shut off! Abd the CB off and on again and try again. No need to restart CraftTool.

Load with CraftPrint 1.14 newer

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** The limits of restart-ability in the 8879 firmware:

  • the gcode has to be in the top directory, or maximum 2 directories lower.
  • the file must have absolute coordinates with millimeter dimensions. The restart process:
  • the program detects, that there was a failed print, finds the file and asks, what you want to do first: heat the head or home the XY.
  • if you have chosen home, then it lifts up the head some, then goes to XY0.
  • after that it starts to scan the file, passing almost all M commands to the printer, good for your motor tweaks and stuff.
  •  if finds the position, then waits for the temperatures to settle, and after that goes to pause. In pause you can extrude, tweak stuff, etc.
  • if you press play, then it hopefully resumes printing and will not upend your print :-)

* hightlights of the 8831 firmware

  • tweaks while printing
    • bed and extruder heat tweak
    • speed tweak
    • flow tweak
    • fan tweak
    • lights tweak
  • pausing
    • all above
    • an extra safety for unwanted stopping
    • extra buttons to unload and load filament
  • settings before print
    • an extra user preset for temps
    • counter for print hours
  • info when printing
    • timer / counter based used bytes
    • Z height displayed
  • hidden functions
    • it works with all CB’s also the new version of the plus.
    • corner tweak as I have tested some months ago but with M1210 o accelerated homing and pause
    • removing the USB stick makes it pause
    • speed is limited to 120mm/s in the FW
    • temp measuring is accurate until 300 degrees

Here are the steps for how to update the firmware, also if it doesn’t work, please try to use another USB cable/USB port on your computer.

1. Please check, that the cable between LCD and PCB panels is perfectly plugged in.
2. Connect your printer to your PC/laptop with USB cable
3. Turn on your printer.
4. Run CraftPrint on your computer.
5. Hold the reset button of your LCD panel and press the erase button many times to make sure that the software is erased. (These buttons can be found on the back of the LCD panel.)
6. Use 2 pieces of filament to press the reset and erase buttons of PCB panel through the 2 holes on the right side of the printer – to make sure, repeat this few times.
7. If the erase was successful, CraftPrint says that the panels have been cleared.
8. Turn off the printer for 10 seconds.
9. Turn on your printer.
10. In CraftPrint, push the button with free dots, choose “Update CraftBot…” option.
11. Firmware will start to install.
12. When the “Turn OFF your CraftBot…” text appears on the window of CraftPrint, turn off your printer.
13. Wait 5 seconds, and turn on your printer. (If CraftPrint says that it disconnected with the printer, you waited too much and you have to repeat the erase process from step 5.)
14. Firmware update will continue on your LCD panel.
15. Huzzah! You successfully applied the newest firmware version! :)