Firmware updaten – instructie video

Here are the steps for how to update the firmware, also if it doesn’t work, please try to use another USB cable/USB port on your computer.

1. Please check, that the cable between LCD and PCB panels is perfectly plugged in.
2. Connect your printer to your PC/laptop with USB cable
3. Turn on your printer.
4. Run CraftPrint on your computer.
5. Hold the reset button of your LCD panel and press the erase button many times to make sure that the software is erased. (These buttons can be found on the back of the LCD panel.)
6. Use 2 pieces of filament to press the reset and erase buttons of PCB panel through the 2 holes on the right side of the printer – to make sure, repeat this few times.
7. If the erase was successful, CraftPrint says that the panels have been cleared.
8. Turn off the printer for 10 seconds.
9. Turn on your printer.
10. In CraftPrint, push the button with free dots, choose “Update CraftBot…” option.
11. Firmware will start to install.
12. When the “Turn OFF your CraftBot…” text appears on the window of CraftPrint, turn off your printer.
13. Wait 5 seconds, and turn on your printer. (If CraftPrint says that it disconnected with the printer, you waited too much and you have to repeat the erase process from step 5.)
14. Firmware update will continue on your LCD panel.
15. Huzzah! You successfully applied the newest firmware version! :)